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Although Alexander Comley does not manufacture Pipe and Plate in-house, we can and regularly do supply them as part of our packaged solutions either at lengths particularly up to 6 metres or cut to size.

Seamless and Welded Pipes

Pipes are normally manufactured in either seamless or welded form.

Seamless pipes are made from extruded billets and are then formed into nominal bore sizes with the various schedule wall thicknesses to suit.

Welded pipes are manufactured from strip or plates. These are rolled into shape and then welded into cylindrical form of nominal bore sizes with their various schedule wall thicknesses to suit.


Seamless and Welded Tubes

Tubes are available in either seamless or welded forms and are manufactured in much the same way as pipes. The main differences is that whereas pipe is manufactured to nominal bore sizes, tube is manufactured to various metric and imperial outside diameter sizes.



Plate is available to customer specifications as directed. Be the application requirements for offshore, structural, stainless steel(s), nickel alloy(s), chrome moly steel(s), boiler or pressure vessel, plate can be supplied to both to meet both the technical and dimensions as required.