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Butt Weld Fittings are regularly supplied to global customers either as stand-alone orders or as part of our packaged solutions.

We can press on-site and manufacture to customers’ specifications, in hard-to-source materials, as well as to standard specifications.

End Caps

End Caps are used for blocking off or sealing the end of a pipeline. The end cap is welded on at its weld prep to the relevant sized pipe within the pipeline that requires blocking off/sealing. Once in place, unlike a blind flange that can be unbolted to allow access to the pipeline, the end cap is firmly fixed.

At Alexander Comley we have our own presses on site. These can press from plate and manufacture European end caps.


Stub Ends

Stub ends are used to connect pipes together along with a lap joint or backing flange. A stub end is welded to the end of each pipe that requires connecting with a lap join flange slip over the top of it before welding. Because the stub end has a serrated face it acts to seal both the pipes together. The lap joint flange is then bolted together with the mating lap joint flange to secure it all in place. This in turn means that the pipes can be opened easily to inspect or clean them, as they are not welded together, merely bolted together.

At Alexander Comley we press our own stub ends from seamless European pipes.


Concentric Reducers

Concentric reducers are used to reduce the flow or the size of a pipeline. Either end of the concentric reducer is of a different size and is manufactured to suit nominal bore pipe and its relevant scheduled wall thicknesses. The component has the same centre line throughout its length.

At Alexander Comley we press our own concentric reducers from seamless European pipes.


Eccentric Reducers

Eccentric reducers are similar to concentric reducers in that they reduce the flow or the size but there are a few differences. One side of the component is flat, which means that there is an off centre flow through the pipeline. The component is manufactured to suit nominal bore pipe and its relevant scheduled wall thickness.



Elbows are made in a variety of angles and radii. The standard angles are either 45 degrees or 90 degrees. The 45 degree elbows are only available as a long radius elbow, but the 90 degree is also available as both long radius and short radius elbows. The sole purpose of the elbows is to change the angle of the piping in the pipeline or application. Elbows are welded into place at each end.



Tees can be provided with either equal dimensions or a reduced outlet. The end result is much the same in that they are designed for the merging or diving of fluids within the pipelines. If a reduced outlet is used, this changes the flow and the size of pipes used within the pipeline system. Unlike a valve, which can leave any one of the outlets closed if required, the outlets on a tee cannot be closed off, unless they are physically blanked off with an end cap or something similar.


We can also supply standard specifications in non-standard materials.

Materials include:

Stainless steels Duplex Nickel alloys Carbon steels Low alloys
316/L F51/S31803 200 A105 F5
316/H F51/S31803 400 A350 LF2 F9
316/Ti F53/S32750 K500 F11
304/L F55/S32760 600 F22
304/H 625
321 718
347 800/H
310 825
317/L Nimonic