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Tees can be provided with either equal dimensions or a reduced outlet. The end result is much the same in that they are designed for the merging or diving of fluids within the pipelines. If a reduced outlet is used, this changes the flow and the size of pipes used within the pipeline system. Unlike a valve, which can leave any one of the outlets closed if required, the outlets on a tee cannot be closed off, unless they are physically blanked off with an end cap or something similar.


We also supply and stock:

  • Billets cut from round bar
  • BSP/NPT/SW Fittings
  • ASME SA269/249/270/A213 tubes

Materials include:

Stainless steels Duplex Nickel alloys Carbon steels Low alloys
316/L F51/S31803 200 A105 F5
316/H F51/S31803 400 A350 LF2 F9
316/Ti F53/S32750 K500 F11
304/L F55/S32760 600 F22
304/H 625
321 718
347 800/H
310 825
317/L Nimonic