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Coal, nuclear, oil and gas powered stations all use flanges and fittings. They are commonly found in their boilers, valves, pumps, heat exchangers, condensers, generators, pipe work, vessels, turbine halls and reactors.

With over 200 individual site visits to power stations across the UK alone, Alexander Comley Limited knows the power generation industry inside out. We understand why the highest quality is required, the urgency of breakdown work, planned or forced outages and the applications that the components are used in. We are trusted to supply and meet all your requirements and we are a partner you can safely trust in your plant work.

All our raw material is fully traceable from ISO approved suppliers to make sure only the correct quality-critical, high-integrity components are manufactured and supplied. Thanks to our on site machine shop, products no longer available or indeed no longer standard, since the time some of the older power stations were built, can be manufactured by reverse engineering to design.