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Lap Joint Flanges

Lap joint flanges or backing flanges are normally used with collars or stub ends. Each lap joint flange usually has a radius machined into the bore identical to that of the stub end or collar so that it can sit directly on it. The stub end or collar is welded on to the pipe leaving the lap joint flange loose behind it. These are then bolted to a similar piping assembly to join the pipeline together. If the pipeline needs to be cleaned or inspected, this kind of flange is perfect for easy dismantling, so that these operations can take place.


We also supply and stock:

  • Billets cut from round bar
  • BSP/NPT/SW Fittings
  • ASME SA269/249/270/A213 tubes

Materials include:

Stainless steels Duplex Nickel alloys Carbon steels Low alloys
316/L F51/S31803 200 A105 F5
316/H F51/S31803 400 A350 LF2 F9
316/Ti F53/S32750 K500 F11
304/L F55/S32760 600 F22
304/H 625
321 718
347 800/H
310 825
317/L Nimonic