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Alexander Comley joins Oil & Gas UK


Oil & Gas UK is a representative organization for the UK Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. Since first production in the 1960s, industry operations have continually adapted to the challenges presented by price volatility, maturity, evolving regulation and changing perceptions within society. Together with Government, its responsibility is to ensure the nation achieves the maximum benefit from its oil and gas reserves. It must balance the considerable economic and social benefits of oil and gas production with good, safe stewardship of the country’s natural resources and environmental care.

In this pursuit, the industry is committed to a range of measures and targets against which progress is monitored in a transparent way. This is done in consultation with the whole supply chain, regulators, Government, non-governmental organizations and the wider stakeholder community

The UK Offshore Oil & Gas industry remains the country’s largest industrial investor paying more tax to the Exchequer than any other corporate sector. “These are exciting times in the UK with regards to investment. 2013 saw CAPEX in the UKCS reach £14.4 billion GBP, its highest for three decades. As such, we felt it a suitable time to become affiliated to an organization that represented the voice of the UK Upstream sector” commented Andrew Johnson, Business Development Manager.